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Anxiety acting up after flu

Hey there so I got the stomach flu on Monday and I have just started to feel better today but my anxiety has started acting up I feel like my lungs are a bit sore or just feel diffrent an that I'm not breathing properly even tho I know I am because I'm still alive right now right? So anyways has anyone els had this please help me out if so thanks :)

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Hi and yes when you get sick. Your mind and body with this hell of a thing. Tou start thinking about it and you get the nerves working. And I know it's hard but when you start felling bad. It can grab u up then you feel bad and make it worse. What I do when this happens. I feel it comeing I stop a second take a deep breath. And say ok lets go we going on this ride lets go roll with with. I know it'hard but it works don't be let it controll you controll it ride with it


Thank you I'll try that an see how it goes


Yes. I had it last three times I had a flu. It's really funny how it works. When you are sick, your mind is so absorbed with the flu symptoms that you forget you had anxiety. When your body begins to feel better, your mind looks for another attachment so it grabs to your anxiety thoughts again as they are within quick reach. As a test, try working on Sudoku or another mind game. See if you feel anxiety symptoms while at it. If it's something new and exciting, I will bet you won't.

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