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Weaning from Xanor sr 0.5mg

Hi All

My doctor put me on 4 tablets a day of Xanor sr 0.5mg when my mom was dying of cancer. She has passed and five months have gone by. My doctor has now taken me down from 4 tablets a day to 3. I am on day 6 of been on 3 tablets only. I have not had any withdrawal symptoms yet.. am I in the clear, will I not have any withdrawals if I have gone this far already?

I am still on 3 tablets a day.



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Debby47, don't even think about anticipating problems. You seem to be doing well on the cutback. Continue following your doctor's orders. Wishing you success in weaning off Xanor completely.


Hi Debs, check out the information on the site below, they're a charity giving advice on tranqs & anti-depressants, how to come off with advice on tapering dosage. Good luck

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