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about to fall asleep ...but can't

Hello all,

SO lately i have been sleeping but now I am experiencing a tingling sensation through out my body once i get settled in soon as i get to the point of being able to fall asleep my body jolts me awake... every single is definitely annoying because I feel tired and I want to sleep lol! Does anyone else have similar experiences? what do you do ? cheers everyone !

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I posted about this last night! It sounds like you're experiencing hypnic jerks, which happen more when you're really tired for some reason. I get these, it feels like my heart misses a beat, my whole body jolts and I gasp for breath. Some nights I have them one after the other :-( x


Oh I forgot to say, when I have these I usually get out of bed and go watch TV on the sofa for a bit and then for some reason I always manage to drift off eventually on the sofa without jolting x


Omg! Well that makes sense... I was literally so exhausted I could have passed out but of course my body was like " oh hell no"... quite frustrating. .. being anxious already doesn't help in the matters... I went and had a bath and put a movie on and here I am now haha! Tha KS for your reply !!I appreciate it !:)

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