Today i had an anxiety attack at my therapist session for the first time, i really felt like i couldn't breath and had to go bathroom. but he help me wit dat i don't know what bring it on, but i think cause i got there early and my appointment was at 2pm and there was a couple ppl in the waiting room so that mite of trigger it.. im still having some anxiety hopefully later when i go church it be find...


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  • Hi Kia302017, I have also felt anxious when sitting in the waiting room. Instead of fiddling with my purse and looking at my watch, I use that time to deep breathe. I close my eyes, go into my own thoughts and start the deep breathing. On occasions when it has gotten bad, I would also leave the office and take a walk to the bathroom. Sometimes moving our muscles helps alleviate our anxiety. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you agora1 i hope i feel better too

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