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Clogged head and dizziness

Hi. I've had these symptoms now for three days so didn't want to go to the doctors yet.

My head feels very tight and clogged up and I have a slight headache. I was wondering if I had a head cold as I've got a chesty cough, however I have bouts of dizziness and go lightheaded occasionally this makes me feel sick. Also my body aches all over and is sore, right up to the top of my neck.

Wondered whether any has similar symptoms and could help?


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Hi monkey_ Even though anxiety can cause head tightness and headache, it sounds more like you might have a virus of some kind. It would be best to see your doctor and have him diagnosis your condition and possibly get you on something. Feel better


I've been feeling like this for a few days too and have been wondering if it's a sinus infection or just anxiety. I've also had back pain and numbness in my arm so yesterday i was convinced it was a heart attack. I've made an appointment with my doctor so we'll see what she says.


It seems a symptoms of tension headache.


Maybe you have a cold coming I'm the same I have vertigo makes me feel the same way


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