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Well I have panic attacks and they have gotten bad. I really don't even want to leave my house. It makes me very sad. I know my husband is tired of me being this way. Lord I am. And I just feel light headed all the time scared to death I'm going pass out. It's been going on a while. Have had test blood all come back good. Lost my mom two years ago. That still kills me like hard to even still believe it's true. But I try just getting tired of feeling this way. :((

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Hi yes i hate my anxiety too and had a bad panic attack yesterday,came out of the blue so i thought but i was building my anxiety up by thinking i was going to be on my own in the house for a while and i have convinced myself i am in danger when alone,i understand totally how you feel,ive never passed out in 30 years of having anxiety and panic attacks,hope that reassures you a bit,its your anxiety tricking you into believing normal everyday things that other people dont even give a thought to are dangerous,you are now hypersensitive like all long term anxiety suffererers are and your anxiety triggers off anytime anywhere,causing all the horrible symptoms like the lightheadedness,sorry you lost your mom,i too lost my parents and yes its hard,but i think our parents would want us to be strong and have good lives,focus on being kind to yourself and working on your thoughts as changing the way you think and react each day will help.


Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully today is better 🙏🏻Just woke up. Bad dream ugh I hope you have a good day and no anxiety 😔


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