Another anxiety attack

So tonight I was doing fine until around about 6:00 , I took my medicine and next thing you know I started feeling weird and couldn't breathe, was getting hot and weak and dizzy so I told my parents to rush me to the hospital, I began to panic even more, started crying. I get to the hospital, they checked me in. They checked my blood pressure, it was high. My oxygen was good. They did a EKG and a chest X-ray and everything came back fine. So the doctor sent me home and told me its anxiety and that I'm stressed. Which I knew it but I wanted to be sure. So now I'm home with my cousin watchin TV and hoping I sleep good tonight and feel better in the morning. Today was not a good day for me. Can this anxiety go away already, I want to be normal again and enjoy life like everyone else and go back to college and work. 😞

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  • πŸ˜• I'm sorry so you quit collage and work because of your anxiety ugh I hope mine doesn't get that bad

  • Skylar_ it all started over the break. Going back to work this week and as for college, not sure.

  • Hey it will be okay just breath and do u know anything or anyone that can calm you down when you have a panic attack . I call my boyfriend and he says lesson to my voice and breath with me and it works

  • Bless you mzemma thinking of you sweetie if you need to talk I'm here, I hope your having a better day x

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