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Anxiety Assurance Alarm

So one thing I've been doing recently during an anxiety / panic attack was to set an anxiety insurance alarm. This means going to the clock on your phone, or any clock near you & setting an alarm, since I'm using my phone I can write little messages.

So what I usually do is set an alarm one hour from my anxiety attack telling myself that I'm going to be fine so when I get to that time I'll feel a lot better, then for more re-assurance I set another one 30 minutes from the first alarm which tells me "see I told you it was just anxiety"

Try that out sometimes and see if it does any positive benefits to you !

Much love to all of you, we will get through this together ❤

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That's a good idea! I'm telling myself afterwards same too: " Look, it wasn't as bad, I've done well..." or similar positive affirmations 😊 This reassurance that we are able to manage, to direct our feelings/attacks makes you stronger as well!

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