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anxiety/ paranoid over food

3 days ago i was eating a cupcake at this party, and suddenly i thought that someone put something in there like drugs or smth. Obviosly no one put drugs in it but i started panic, i couldn't breath and i for like 3min i was so freakin panicked. after 1 day it get worse everything i was eating i was feeling that panic inside me for a minute sometimes 3-4. its awfully. today i was eating a pizza and it happened again. i don't know what it is but i'm so freakin scared and paranoid. i don't know what to do

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This happens to me at times. Halloween is the worse for me. I always panic that someone did something to this candy and my kids are going to get sick. Its a horrible fear but we have to be rational and it is so hard I know!!!!!! I do not eat at peoples houses, I do not let anyone fix my drinks, and when I go out ot eat I get a water and barley drink it and praying over it all!!!!! The only thing you can do is step back and be realistic and know that its no lifetime movie and they are not out to get you. ITs hard to tell you this when I go through it as well.!!!


This happens to me a lot!! I also worry about eating food that's expired or gonna make me sick(I have a severe fear of throwing up) this has only started recently after my life fell apart and I was under a lot of stress that triggered my ptsd and brought back my anxiety really bad. I no longer can eat fast food or even restaurant food because I don't trust it. It's even to the point that I sometimes get paranoid that my friend or her mom put poison in my food or drinks(I live with my friend and her parents) and I really hate that I do this because I know they wouldn't do that to me, but at the same time my mind tries to convince me why they might want to poison me😣 I also used to love chicken and now can no longer eat is because I'm scared of salmonella or ecoli😭

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