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Ight so I been smoking weed damn near everyday since my freshman year in high school I'm a freshman in college now and I recently quit smoking. Ever since I quit I've had these thoughts that people think I'm gay and that everyone is looking at me or laughing at me I know that I am far from gay but every time I'm get into public settings that thought pops up any idea of what's going on with my head ?

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Paranoia is sounds ... Smoking weed can cause this .. The THC in it is the aggravator .. I know I have been there and done it .. Try the cbd oil (cannabis oil) which is found in health food shops .. It has no THC in it but produces a relaxing effect .. Fab for mental health and anxiety ..


Thats what caused my anxiety biggest effect paranoia dont let it get you down you no your not gay even if you were so be it. The best thing you have done is quit i youst to cry if i didnt have it. Controlled my life until i had my first panic attack it made me have a wake up call and a good think of how crap it really is


its the bud man stay off it best you can and knuckle down find a new hobby or interest to busy your mind.Be strong buddy

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Too much herb my friend. I don't endorse smoking however burning a few times a year never hurt anyone one. Daily not a great idea. Gay or not it will take you about 3 months to adjust to life without it. The first 2/3 weeks will be the hardest.


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