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Scared of brain tumor

Hello I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and have had many anxiety symptoms in the past thinking I've had a heart problem and all sorts, but now it's my head thinking I might have a brain tumor , I have had nasal congestion for ages and might have polyps In my sinuses because sometimes when my nose is clogged nothing comes out and my ears pop even though I can still breathe through the nose , I also feel like I'm off balance but I think it could just be that my body is so sensitive to change in position as I've been focusing on it for so long , also the main reason I'm here is to speak about headaches that are like a sharp and sometimes even dull stabbing pain mostly above my right eye , it's really distressing as it's bringing me back to thinking about brain tumors also keep having muscle twitches .

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But you know that this is anxiety speaking . If you have muscle twitching as well this goes along with anxiety. Worries about brain tumours are one of the commonest of health anxiety. Try and work on anxiety with mindfulness and see if your symptoms are related to times when you are more anxious.


Hello. Everything you have explained tells me no you do not have a brain tumor . Sounds like vertigo and a little sinuses to me . And sinus head aches . Your letting anxiety get the best of you . Anxiety tells are mind it's worse then it is we then build yourself up to thinking it is and our body fights our mind and intensifys everything out of fear . I will tell you this u can not die from anxiety . And anxiety thrives because we fight it . Anxiety lessons when we don't fight it and let it come and pass with ignoring it by doing something to get our minds off it or getting educated about it . Or positive self talk when it strike's. But I'm telling u there is hope . Figure out when u started having it what was going on in your life and from there you can deal with the deeper stuff that is causing anxiety . Hope this helped take care.


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