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Hi merry Christmas Eve everyone

I got my 5mg of lexapro today I was terrified to take it my husband is so mad at me for being so worried and looking up side effects online I took my first dose tonight and now just laying down ready to get sleepy and actually fall asleep tonight was the absolute worst panic attack I've had and im hoping this medicine works for me and doesn't cause me any harm any help or advice or your own experiences will really help me now thank you

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I hope it worked out for u😏😊


Hi, I have been on lexapro on and off for 15 years it did very well for me but be prepared for side effects when starting this medication. Extra anxiety for example.. these should resolve within 4-6 weeks. I am now weaning down from 20mg to 10mg as the med is not working for me like it use to. I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms which have been crazy! These medications can be really helpful just educate yourself about side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Good luck!


How is it not working for you like it used to if you're going to a lower dosage?


I've taken lexapro and it made my mood worse than it was I turned it to a real b***h I was always mad si I stopped taking it.. some one told me lexapro changed me but everyone is different when taking med's


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