a very simple thought that dont go away lol

a childhood memory that is not going out of my head happened before but it came back again i mean the memory itself is not that bad but its comming into my head often that is hard to shake off . i guess this wont ever go away . do i have to deal with it ? its a bit funny situation tho but its making me anxious sometimes


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2 Replies

  • Hi waqasvic, That childhood memory even though not that bad, certainly made an impact on your life. I've always believed that unless something is addressed that is bothering us, it will continue to come back and cause anxiety. We can't sweep things under the carpet. Therapy is probably the only way to handle an issue that keeps repeating itself in your thoughts. Understanding the why behind it staying with you is important. My best to you.

  • Thank you . it comes and go . anxiety sometimes is funny . people with anxiety are the warriors i must say :)

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