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Aches and pains all the time in left arm and my chest is always tender when I press on it!


Sometimes when I eat I get quick aches and pains in left arm that scare the crap out of me and cause my anxiety to fly off the charts because my mind always goes to I'm having a heart attack even tho I was told my heart looks good and don't have heart problems!!!! and when I finally calm down my chest feels full and tender when I press on my chest muscles!!! I was told it's either my Gerd or my anxiety!

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It's GERD and anxiety-they really work together well. Try to drink warm water with your meal and take OTC GERD tabs and/or Pepto. Don't lie down after eating. Walk if you can. Try natural remedies for GERD that can be found at

Okay thank u I'm going on that sight now to check it out and I will definitely take ur advice on the rest!

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