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Pressure on top of head


OK so today I have had a pressure on my scalp in one spot on top of my head , and it was like a spasm feeling . And then my ear felt ful on the same side as well as my sinuses on the same side and my face felt numish from my ear down to my chin .after a while or the scalp thing I got really tired . But boy I have really felt off today . I'm not full fledged anxiety about it cause I'm exhausted so I'm relaxed but can anyone tell me have they ever had pressure on top of their heads due to sinuses maybe ? I also have been having a shortness of breath feeling after I eat and when ever I burp it reliefs it some . I quit smoking 3 months ago so it might be from that but I don't know . It just seems like it all comes at me at the same time .. one of those days I want to crawl out of my skin .

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I get a pain in the side of my head like a doll pain your be ok x

I have head tightness in one spot on my head is that normal? :(


Just noticed this post .

I had head pressure with anxiety ..

I felt it on top of crown and back of my head , got giddy , nauseous and developed tinnitus ..

Took quite a few months to go ...

I even struggled to walk for a few months my limbs all felt heavy ..

Started with a whiplash followed by nerves of my son getting married and having to meet up with my ex after.many years ..that was 2 years ago and now as you know suffering again with different issues ...

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