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Lump...TMJ cause? Need feedback


Hi guys this might be long, for months I've had anxiety attacks over this pain I've experienced. It's always one sided and located on the wife of my head however it isn't pain it's more of a pressure feeling constantly.

Accompanied by this I have severe jaw pain, has cracking and popping when moving, and stiffness, it is extremely tender to touch where the Top of the law line is.

Also I have extremely bad neck ache and pain and can barely look to one side and need to constantly massage to ease pain. I looked in the mirror and moved my jaw to the right completely and I noticed every time i do that a weird bulge would appear above the cheek bone intron my of my ear area. It isn't painful nor is it hard it's just a bulge of squishy I skin that I've never noticed when I move my jaw. Now this instanfly caused a panic attack and I went to the doctors they believe it is TMJ related and muscle related... Is this weird lumo of skin bulge when I move my jaw caused by the TMJ and messed up jaw or is it a tumour or something deadly which I can't stop thinking about.. I'm scared. He doctors ensured me I don't have that when I went today. I'm scared

Photo is when I move the jaw all the way to be right his bulge appears... Is this the TMJ or something worse. It will only occur when I move my jaw all the way to the right. Like I said it isn't painful just squishy and returns to normal when jaw is normal and becomes flat

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Your anxiety is making you believe it's something serious, your doctor has given you a diagnosis, anxiety has a very cruel way of making us doubt the medical profession, I can assure yoou that a tumour would be causing you a great deal of pain and other disturbing symptoms, please try and stop checking it, stop looking at it and focusing on it, tell yourself your ok, your in charge not your anxiety :-) xxx

TMJ is so painful. Don't worry, please, don't worry if your doctor gave you a diagnosis. I had something similar and a dentist helped me a lot. He made a mouth guard for me that I wore at night. I didn't know I was grinding my teeth at night and causing the symptoms, maladjustment and pain. It took a month to correct it, but it did correct. It's what your doc says it is. Relax and take care of the fixable problem. Anxiety makes everything seem like it's the worst possible reality this is fixable. It will take time, but that's OK. Give yourself time to heal.

Tmj pain is linked to anxiety. That is your demon to deal with. It doesn't sound like anything physical.

I had TMJ for years, all caused by stress and grinding my teeth at night, used to cause me pain in my teeth, ears, neck and the side of my face and had to wear soft plastic guards on my lower teeth. The jaw muscle is very powerful and when this goes into spasms it can cause all sorts of aches & pains

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