Strange dreams

Does anyone have dreams that feel so real like they are going on in the room you are in and it's like third person kinda. Like some are good some are bad. For example I had one earlier when I took a nap and it was like people staring at me in my house. Like all the dreams I have seem so real sometimes. But they dont always happen they seem to happen during the day if I take naps. Like the dreams are my fears like everything that flares up my anxiety in real world like is 10x worse in these dreams. Cant get over how real the dreams feel. Then I wake up and what happened in the dream didnt actually happen kinda freaky. Anyone else have these?


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  • Dreams are your subconscious releasing stress. Write down your dreams and then research them to find the underlying meaning. Dealing with the meaning of your dreams will help with your anxiety. Stressed people have stress dreams. It's natural. Again, it's your body working to release stress. Work with it and bless you!

  • This has been happening to me a lot lately

  • I don't have many dreams , but the weirdest one I have is a very nice one . I get to fly and always wake up refreshed and in a good mood all day the next day . And that's without any wacky stuff .

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