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I've been having CBT session for about 4 weeks I think (one a week every monday) and I was doing quite well in the beginning and yes, feeling anxious about going but being proud of myself and relieved I did it after each session. Then Monday just gone I set my alarm to get up at 7:15 and I just couldn't go. Not one part of me wanted to and so I just stayed in bed. I didn't ring up to cancel or anything and its been a few days now and I feel guilty I didn't ring. And now I'm having thoughts about the whole thing, do I even want to do it anymore? I'm really disappointed its having this affect on me, I thought I was gonna be able to do this.

Am I getting this feeling because it's not working for me? I just don't know what to do.

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Well you may have blown it for your cbt. Perhaps you don't want to get better?

You are at the centre of your mental health and make your own choices.

Lifestyle, keeping active, socialising and structuring your day are all important if you want to improve


Hi I get the feeling that you're having a 'wobble' and I would imagine if you contacted the counsellor and explained how your feeling then s/he might understand and allow you to continue if this is what you would like would like to do. You may find it hard to pick up the phone but I'm sure they will understand and you will hopefully feel better in yourself. If you continue with the CBT or not I wish you well. I'm only thinking here but maybe the hardest things we do give us the most benefit. Take care and make that call.


Hang in there old habits die hard retraining you mind will take time. I am speaking from experience on this. Journal what is going on ask if you are telling your self the true or not? Please reschedule you appointment you are a point of break through. If you keep in touch with me I will be a friend thought the process you can make it I am in a far better place today. When you do not want to go is when you need to the most. That is when you are about to get to the root of some of the issues that are driving Anxious thoughts. Take courage my friend we can make it.



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