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My Anxiety has convinced me I have a brain tumor or something


So my anxiety has convinced me I have a brain tumor because of the symptoms that I get sometimes. But the symptoms are the same symptoms everyone else gets with severe anxiety and my doctors keep telling me their symptoms of anxiety and they all dont believe anything is wrong medically besides anxiety. I guess my question is does anyone elses anxiety cause them to think they have something severely wrong with them?

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Yes, of course. That is the main issue with anxiety. It feels terrible.

All the time, I just have to remind myself that if there was something seriously wrong the doctors would have found it by now because I'm there regularly with some thing that always ends up being anxiety!

Hang in there!

We im overthinking too much and can't calm down I grab some headphones and go for a walk, it seems to help me abit.

I hope this helps and you feel abit better soon.


Hey i just posted to something similar like this i always feel like something is wrong with my head i dont get head aches or symptoms i just get this sick feeling all the timelike if im dying of something i also feel like the sound of poprocks candyor the bubbly soundwhen you open a soda in my head i still have a hard time believing all this is just anxiety i hope it is all this feels so real even after i got a mri3months ago that was clear

I do Adamj big time i lost my mum 9 years ago every now and again i get the same thing comes on with no warning hot sweats heart palpatations cant keep off the toilet through being sick and having the craps cant eat sleep have little sips of a drink constant panic shaking its awful im having one even as we speak your not alone babe but u sure feel like it dont u xx

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