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Anxiety 24/7 health anxiety,severe anxiety

I'm 29 suffered with anxiety in the past and for the past nearly a yr I've had anxiety everyday well it's what I've been told it's anxiety,and I've tried control it but doesn't if anything it's getting worse,stomach pain left side,arm nerve pain left side,leg ache left side,now chest pain on top of that and back pain also stools all over the place,now feeling extremely tired,sweats and fatigue also feeling sick 24/7 was prescribed citalopram came off them as it started making me have social anxiety aswell 1yr 24/7 symptoms I'm soooo fed up :(

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Same here

Ive started taking half a mg of klonopin every morning no matter if I feel anxious or not and I'm feeling the best I've felt in a long while. I'm 25 and have GEneralized anxiety disorder

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I've give up on the antidepressants myself as it can sometimes make anxiety worse,more anxious and it's Neva going to be a cure its just there to replace the serotin in your brain which is a scientific theory,THEORY not fact some people it helps but others it doesn't it's mind over matter and I've been trying mindfulness meditation and cbc therapy next week I've had load of blood tests all normal,stool sample,urine sample normal so got put it dwn to anxiety I have GAD aswell and health anxiety severe hope all goes well with yourself and I'm glad they are working for you

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