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Husband is feelimg better he has pneumonia poor thing what a rough few days now my hearts beating weird i had two tall cans and im like ok didnt even get bussed ....but im glad hes ok this is coming back and forth ... and i have so much gas today not funny lol 😂 these past few days ive been suoer mom and wife boy its hard im glad my mom came and bought pizza gives me a break of cooking ... how is your day

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Glad your husband is starting to feel better :-)

It is so nice sometimes when either someone brings round something for tea or we get treated to a takeaway as when we are the one's doing the cooking most of the time a break from it is lovely :-)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you I appreciate it it's been a long heck of a week but he seems to be getting better and it's a lot more easier for me now now I'm starting to get palpitations and more and my heart started to beat wierd but I'm sure I'll be okay tomorrow is another day and hopefully I can get things done by rearranging my living room and some laundry that I need to do I just pray and hope that everything will be fine tomorrow and I will feel better to have the energy to move forward to have that strength just found out that my aunt is super sick I hope she feels better also we did go to church today so I felt so blessed with such a big relief and thank you so much again

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