Freaking out

Hi there everybody this sounds so stupid but I need some advice and reassurance, I've just cooked dinner for me and my daughter and was making frozen garlic chicken breast anyhow I ate one and wasn't until I ate the second one I noticed it tastes slightly watery, it wasnt pink or anything just a little watery, just kinda freaking out because with my anxiety and depression I feel like I'm going to die from it, any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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  • No worries, it's the anxiety, you'll be fine. Best wishes

  • I've never heard of anyone dying from eating garlic. Have you. If not, how come you are thinking like this?

    At worst it may give you diarrhoea.

  • Im sure you will be fine like the below user said the worse you will get is diarrhoea. overthinking it can make you worse though because sometimes when i overthink things i get a nausea feeling due to my anxiety. just wondering if you have health anxiety? just because you sound a lot like me haha

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