Anxiety and annoyance

So I have a question for people. I was wondering if your anxiety makes you more annoyed at small things and you tend to get more aggravated. My boyfriend does some quirky things that never annoyed me before but this time of year I notice myself getting annoyed with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. He does this cute thing where he will pat me and kind of make a tune out of it and it lasts like a minute at times and I just got so annoyed last night with it. It always kinda bothered me from the beginning when he started it but it really got to me last night to the point I was like dude this is annoying stop and I told him that and he apologized for it because he obviously didn't know. But I am even annoyed at my dog all the time or my horse like even if my dog sits next to me and just is looking at me constantly im like STOP GO AWAY! And I notice it with my friends too just things they do im like You are so annoying I legit don't even want to be in your presence.

Any ideas?


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  • Yep! Anxiety has us exhausted, weak, feeling ill, eating wrong (or not at all), and freaking out. Of course, these horrible things make us on edge and we are grouchy!

  • well glad I am realizing I get really high anxiety this time of year and get seasonal depression bad and I take it out on everyone else especially my boyfriend which worries me because I then start to over think oh god does this mean I will always be annoyed with him but I have to know it is normal for a relationship to have annoyances in it and to realize they are there and talk through them which I have told him and he has apologized. It is just hard for me on bad days I guess where things start to come up and I get overly worried that something is wrong :(

  • Yes I am definitely more irritated since having anxiety it could also be pms I always hate my husband around that time LOL

  • yeah I am about to start pmsing next week though so I feel like seasonal depression brings out that annoyance side of me. Everything and anything annoys me . It is sad my dog does my horse my friends and then him especially since he's so close to me and you usually let it out on the ones you love. So I just am trying really hard to watch myself and to be careful because I don't want to ruin this but I just hate that I get this way this time of year. I feel tired all the time or annoyed or just sad and when it is nice out I feel tons better but it can't always be nice out you know haha. I did buy one of those happy lights to try and see how that does for me and get some vitamin D and get more supplements to help with my mood!

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