Hi, newbie here. Can anyone help?

Hi, I'm Annmarie, this is my first post. I'm new and feel kinda silly..

I have had anxiety since i was 17, in may i was put on tablets and this became alright again but over the last few days/night I haven't been able to see at night but I can't stay awake during the day, and i had a panic attack the other night and I have know clue why, I'm always so tired. my doctor says i'm fine and thing will get better i just need to exercise more (i ride a bike or walk everywhere, also gym every other day.) .has anyone got any advise?


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  • Hi rustyrawer! You've come to the right place for support and information. Welcome! Exercise is an extremely valuable tool to release anxiety. There are so many different was to achieve this goal. Explore different modes of exercise. Chose something you think you will like. Mix them up! Take stairs instead of elevators. Park further away from destination and walk the rest of the way. Invite friends to swim, walk in parks even bowling! ( From USA. I'm not sure UK even like bowling!😊) Eating a well balanced diet, avoid to much sugar. Steer away from caffeine...tea, coffee, some soda and energy drinks, chocolate etc. Minimum consumption of alcohol or none at all. Talk to your doctor about possibly seeing a therapist. I wish you so much luck. Oh try not to get to upset with people who say "you need to just stop worrying" That use to raise my anxiety! Most are trying to be helpful but don't understand. Even some doctors!

  • Thank you, yes i let the who "your worrying to much" type of things go over my head now, not going to lie it has taken years but i can finally switch off to them types of comments. I don't have a car so i cycle places to help my exercise and friend and myself go to the gym or out and about to different places for activities. I don't drink, I hate the feeling of not being fully in control of my mind :) i've been on the waiting list for ages for a counsellor but things are slow moving here and i cant afford to go private.

    thank you once again for your help :)

  • Excellent! YouTube has all different types of life coaches and psychologist. I've found help there. While your waiting for personal counseling. Nothing replaces that!

  • sounds good, I will make sure to have a look. :)

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