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Obsessive thoughts

Hi all

Just under two years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I had six months on anti depressants and a a couple of months of therapy and started to feel a bit better.

I have been up and down ever since.

I was wondering if anyone else suffers from obsessive thoughts (paranoia) constantly, mine relates to fears/beliefs that my partner of 4 years is cheating on me, it definitely gets worse during stressful periods.


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Having intrusive thoughts is one of the most commons symptoms of anxiety. The subject of those thoughts will vary greatly between sufferers but the way to make them disappear is the same by allowing them to come but not doing anything about them. Let them frighten you, just don't buy into them, question their existence or give the thoughts any respect because they are just a symptom of anxiety and won't be there when you recover. By getting involved with them, trying to figure them out etc just adds more fear into the equation so they get stronger and hang around. Do the opposite and do not resist them in any way and they will start to lose their power and disappear.

Please read a previous post of mine called Worrying, scary intrusive thoughts.




Thank you for your response.

It's helpful to know I'm not alone.

I've been wondering lately if I have pure ocd (need to stop searching the internet looking for answers)

I'll just keep fighting to put this part of my life behind me.


I struggle with the same thing, you're not alone.



I have horrible thoughts that am going to die any min off day scary


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