How i feek todsy

I feel like crap my eyes are itchy i so need ro see a dr for it its been a long ass week yesterdsys day was ok not too bad but ny eyes were bad and sneezen sruffy runny nose !! Uhg today is ok just a bit of palpitations i dranked 3 tall cans last night i hope my anxiety doesnt creep on me ! Some times i can stab my eyes there so itchy!!!!! 😣😤


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  • Hi Crystal88, that would be the best thing to see your doctor for your eyes. Whatever is causing it can be relieved with some with drops he may prescribe. Feel better. x

  • I sure hope so !,my appointment us not until the 19 uhg can it be here already my eyes hurt my eyes are normally green now there blue because my eyes are so darn red they hurt from rubbn i txed my dr too but i think he blocked me lol

  • Oh Crystal, I feel for you. Yes indeed rubbing your eyes just makes them more irritated. By the time you see the doctor, it would have cured itself :)

    Feel better. x

  • Ya it does vut comes and goed uhg i bought dome allergies medicine but wanted to ask my dr if it is ok to take no responce lol

  • The thing with allergy medicine is that if it's "dry eye" it will cause your eyes to get dryer because of the ingredients in allergy meds. It's always wise to be cautious about OTC drugs especially if you are on other medications. Maybe someone else should call your doctor for you. It just might answer.

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