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Anxiety?? Palpitation

I was ill due to a virus H Pylori for 4 months until they actually found it was H pylori, i always get palpitations (sinus tycardio and sinus arrythmia) i always think there is something wrong with me but have done all the checks like blood, ecg, eco, holter monitor. I suddenly feel really weak and dizzy and the heart races for about an 1hour or during night it wakes me up, i feel sick and the heart races. I have also had two small blood clots on my right lung, currently taking xarelto 20mg and propanlol 10mg 2twice a day. The clot could be because of lupus but its not confirmed yet as they still doing tests, any suggestions guys??

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It sounds like you've already had the important tests, which should be reassuring for you.

..? Discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment.


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