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I just hate how i feel like i'm in a dream!

this constant feeling is so awful!! It's 5 a.m. and I'm still up because I'm afraid if I go to sleep I'll die. The feeling of being detached from myself is so bad.. I can't tell when I'm hungry, I can't tell when I'm tired.. I'm totally disconnected from my body and I'm disconnected from everything around me. I'm kind of in this nowhere-zone that's just pure anxiety and negative thoughts. And of course physically I feel awful too

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someone5673, are you still on medication? it sounds like someone who is neither here nor there. The feeling that meds can do to your mind. That's why when put on meds it is best to accompany it with therapy so as to move forward emotionally and get a handle on your anxiety. If that isn't done then you stay in this limbo of unreality. If you are in therapy it might be time for the therapist to make some changes for you and try something else. There is always an answer to feeling the way we do. We all react differently to what that is. As always, my best to you. x

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