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Anxiety or something else??

as far as i know, i've never had anxiety, but the doctor told me im currently suffering from it, good times!

im getting muscle ache in the top of my arms, which is sore to touch, across my chest, around my neck & shoulders, pressure on the back on my head and feeling tired, been this way for 3 months, felt like it came on over night

but im not getting panic attacks, im not thinking of death, i dont think i have cancer or a tumors, i like going out etc.. i just have the above symptoms - i've had blood test and ECG which came back normal

so Anxiety or something else?

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Your test results came back normal, your gp says you have anxiety, the symptoms you describe could be from tensed, stressed muscles, anxiety can cause us to tense up without even realize we're doing it, try to relax more, warm baths using relaxing bubble baths etc, soothing music or sounds, gentle exercise like rolling your shoulders, see how you get on, you can always go back to your gp if nothing seems to work, :-)


cheers for the reply suzie482, i accepted that is was Anxiety, but reading some of the threads on here, i feel like a fraud, some poster are really going through it, like i put above, i only really have the muscle aches and tension, so it got me thinking maybe it wasnt anxiety after all


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