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Hi! I have suffered with anxiety and also health anxiety for a little over a year now. I feel like I have something wrong with me all the time and I can't stop thinking about it! Recently I have noticed I have lumpy breasts (moveable). There are several fatty lumps in one breast but I'm worried it could be something serious. I have been to the doctor and they said that they thought it was natarul breast tissue and I'm at low risk anyway (I'm only 20) but I still feel very anxious about this and feel like I need a second opinion! Has anyone else experienced this?


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Hi Amy, to be honest you should get a second opinion if your not happy. Don't panic!! But it's your body, your health and I can't understand why the GP isn't sending you for a scan. Go back and tell them you're worried and would like a scan to make sure everything is ok. I would if I was you x


When I was about your age I also notice the same thing. I got a breast ultrasound which confirmed I have fibrocystic breasts, which is super common and nothing to worry about. I've read that half of all women will have this at some point in their lives! My doctor told me caffeine intake can make the lumpy feeling more pronounced, and that also this tends to run in families. Sure enough both my mom and aunt have similar types of breasts. Also keep in mind that your hormones fluctuate during the month and that also changes the texture and feel of your breasts. Please try not to worry (easier said than done, I know). Take care!


And don't go Googling stuff on fibrocystic breasts, lol. If you are in pain let your doc know - don't go to Dr. Google.

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