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Opinions needed please!!!

Ok so I was never diagnosed by a psychiatrist or a gp that I have anxiety. I've only been told that when I went to the er that very first time a year ago when I had an episode one night that scared the life out of me. And then a few times after that I called for an ambulance again for the same things and all they've ever said was,"sounds like panic attack". Yes since then I've had several blood work to check for other things that it could be. So far no one said anything else that warranted extra attention. So my last visit was to an urgent care in june when I was told I had acid reflux and this is when the anxiety issues had also decided to come back as well. So long story short, at this urgent care I had blood work for thyroid, anemia, h pylori, did and it all came back normal. So then some how me going again led to me explaining my issues and symptoms I was getting lately so it was suggested by the doc there to take the meds for anxiety called buspar. Well I hadn't taken it when he prescribed it to me in july because I was afraid and didn't want to result to medication but I finally decided to start it last week so im on my 6th day of it. Here's where I really need your opinions. He has me on a gradual dose. I started at 15MG the first 3 days and move up to 20mg these next 3 days then I go up to 25 for 3 days and then 30mg and i stay at 30mg until I'm done. So far the meds don't seen to have any bad side effects that I can't handle (as of yet). But I just really feel like moving up to 30mg sounds like too much. Plus the fact I'm still afraid if how thus meds will be the higher I go up in dose. Would it be a bad thing to just stay at thus 20MG instead of going up on my dose? Has anyone ever did that before? Im scare to go up to 30mg I feel like this 20 MG is the most I should do. Any suggestions or opinions?

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