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Hi plz help, my mums gone away on holiday for 3 weeks that's been the biggest trigge building up, I had a panic attack yesterday and since then I feel like I'm not breathing, or like I know I m, but I use my nose all the time to breathe in and out, it feels my mouth is blocked lol and warm inside and suffocated , always wake up with a stuffy now which makes it harder to breathe, and the I get all anxious thinking that's it lungs have given up I'm Gna die now, I open my mouth the to let the air in I know it's my overthinking and mind nd just stress

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Hey :)! Dont be scarred I have had that and I have done that its scary thinking that stuff alone :( but somehow I faught it umm what helped me I had to think deeply about something els ! I skyped a friend or called a close friends and talked for hours on the phone to get my min d off it :) hope it helps :)!


I too have felt like this but instead of thinking it was my lungs giving up, I thought it was my heart. I'm new to these feelings as well. I try to read anything it helps me.


Are u okay now?? I just feel warm weird in my mouth when it's closed then get scared like I'm not breathing lol


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