Help..zoloft day 4

Everything has been fine the past 3 days.. No noticeable side effects and my anxiety was at bay due to the klonoptin I am taking until my Zoloft kicks in. Well about 30 minutes ago, I was doing some online shopping feeling good and suddenly, I felt this very strong sense of anxiety well up on me. Then, my scalp started burning.. Started from the back and went all over my head in a few seconds. I'm now lying down and it seems to be gone..

Do you think this is a panic attack? Or a side effect from just starting Zoloft? Also, if it is a panic attack, does that mean my medication isn't working? I figured the klonoptin I'm taking would prevent further panic..

Really struggling today.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


2 Replies

  • Might have just been one of those random things but it triggered your anxiety perhaps

  • I think u need to give zoloft more time usally it starts woring within 6-8 weeks the first few weeks were horrible for me. Just know that when u get a panic attack u feel all kinds of weird and scary symptoms just take deep breaths and drink lots of water! God Bless

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