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Is it possible :s? Lol

Sorry if I may sound dumb xD but I have had stomach issues for some quite time now 6 years annnd I have always had this thing in my head since day one it all started ...was to think when these spills I have and they get bad was "is my stomach going to blow up" ? My question is is it possible like on its own ? I tell myself if it was to happen it woulda right? I have bin strong to fight threw my panic attacks more now as I got older I just get mad when I get them because I am so sick of them it's more oh here we go again -_- lie down heart slows down easy as cake ... I don't eat enough to ever come close to a "rupture" I eat a portion as to say lunch time ? A hot dog and I'm full never can eat like I did when I was a child but yada yada sorry xD. So is it possible can your stomach bust open buy itself ?

Note to myself : it took a bit to ask on here because I honestly don't know what answer I would get :s since it's about anxiety might make it worse or make me feel better ? 50-50 <3 xoxo

Btw I edited to say this I have no clue why one of my hashtags say Cocain? I don't know how to fix and get it off nor how it got there

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I posted something and it came up with cocaine too so don't worry there must be some word that triggers it to put it on the post What help have you sort for your worry have you spoken to anyone or is this a fear you are hiding ?

You really need to talk this over and get reassurance that nothing you fear will happen and then get nutritional advice to make you feel well

No fear is ever stupid to a professional and I'm sure you are not alone Good luck


People like you desever a big high five and a hug :)! Thank you so much


Thank you Dylon that is very sweet of you

The reason why I reply is because I truly understand the misery that anxiety brings

I do hope you are feeling better and that you will get some TLC from a professional and get well

All the very best and sending you a hug too

You look after yourself x


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