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Anxiety is terrible, you mind works overtime and sensationalists everything. Different symptoms all the time, palpitations, head aches tingling in shoulders and back of neck, nausea, not eating, praying for sleep but not getting enough. Your family suffer you feel guilty all the time you cant help loved ones who need you, you feel selfish, your housework slips, you start to neglect things......the list goes on. Medications help a bit and sometimes a lot for some people. CBT is good while its taking place but once it stops its easy to think your cured but you still slip back into the Anxiety at the least problem that occurs in your life. Your find yourself trying to reason with your brain to stop; good luck on that one! Anyone relate to this?

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I can relate for sure. Sometimes I think I'm heading in tbe right direction then one day it's all back to square one. at least, it feels like it.

What makes it easier for me is knowing anxiety can't and shouldn't go away, just needs to calm down a bit. It's part of us like the ability to cry with sadness, smile with happiness - feel anxious with stress. It's just a powerful one because we dread it so much. And with dread comes more anxiety.

I've been training myself to accept it as a perfectly valid feeling, it's work in progress!



Yep. So true. I wish I had the answer to it, but I don't, I just keep plodding along as daisy chained said one step forward ten steps backwards! It can be a tough journey and sometimes feel like it's not worth it.

But some days I have just moments of pure bliss- looking at the sky perhaps, or sipping my coffee in the morning, or getting a post from you lovely people on the forum, and it makes life worth living, even if just for a second (and then back to "would I could I should I" crazy brain hamster on a wheel).

Just knowing there are others out there going through the same thing gives me comfort as well. We are all on this journey together!! Love and light and sending you warm thoughts

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