I kind of feel like the walking dead.. lol

Does anybody else (especially with derealisation) feel like they're walking through a murky cloud all the time? It doesn't exactly LOOK that way, but it kind of does, almost like your eyes shrunk and you can't see as much or something. When I get this I feel weak and sick and my memory is very very short. It's such an alarming feeling and it feels like more than anxiety.


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  • I think I can identify with this, I feel like I am walking through a murky cloud much of the time and if I look up it's like there is a band of grey stars above my vision. When I started on antidepressants it actually feels like this cloud is lifting a bit, which is how I noticed that it was there. For a while I guess I just got used to it.

    It's this darkness that I believe comes from repressed memories, and pain stored in the body. It started to close in on me without me realizing it and the only reason why I am now dealing with it is because I had an extreme reaction to a seemingly innocent event 6 months ago, and it put me in a state of shock and paralysis. Because of this I sought help from my doctor, and now I have been diagnosed with CPTSD and am finally getting help.

    Sometimes it takes an extreme event for us to recognize that what we are going through is not normal, and we don't have to carry this pain alone anymore.

  • Yes!!! Derealization made me feel exactly like this!! That's why I was telling you the sky seemed extremely small to me

  • Yes worst part about anxiety I feel like I'm not alive hate it

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