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Is this anxiety I'm experiencing? Please help

I have been experiencing health problems for almost 3 years now. It started out with frequent urination. I got every single test done possible and nothing came up. After seeing over 40 docs I was finally told it was anxiety. After I was told that it immediately went away. About a month later I came down with severe sensitivity to light. Once again went to many doctors and nothing. I than starting experiencing very bad dizziness. Which got more and more severe to the point where I couldn't leave my bed. I also starting experencing very bad tightness of the chest and shortness of breath. After about 8 months of suffering with the dizziness I came down with severe pressure in my neck and behind my eyes. I'm constantly having a panic attack because of theese symptoms. I also have delt with general anxitey, public speaking anxitey, OCD, and depression my whole life. Theese symptoms are so severe that I can't do anything at all but sit in my room and panic all day. I've seen every doctor possible and have spent a night in the emergency room almost every week. Is it possible for theese symptoms to be anxitey?

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Yes it is anxiety... And its getting worst because I didn't embrace it yet... Once u learn how to embrace Ur anxiety u will be fine as u will know how to manage urself... Its not easy I know Ive been there but u can do it....

Try to relax and don't think whatever u cannot control.. And doctor should give u medication

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