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my anxiety

hi my name is jim and i have been suffering from anxiety for a few months now at first i thought i was dying and having a heart attack it took awhile and a few doctors and lots of tests for me to belive it was anxiety it really had me fooled but today i have a good understanding about my anxiety and how to deal with it it still scares me to death and i still have the attacks but i have learned not to fight it let it happen and its ok i just practice my breathing and tell myself i am ok im not going to die and it will go away and it always does somtimes it lasts hours and its terrible but its just somthing in my life i have to deal with and accepting it

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Hi jim anxiety can be very Debilitating it can make you feel like things are running away with you. I found i had to go to my doctor to get medication to help me cope. ! Please get help from your doctor that should help take care david

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I live with debilitating anxiety, and I know it's hard, the key is never give up. I am working on self talk and training my mind, but unfortunately my attacks still come. I've beat them before and I'll beat them again. We are all in it together, thank you for sharing.


Same here i had a all kinds of test done i found out yhe infection in my jaw as giving me panic attacks and now the infection is gone i kind of still am but im just telling my self im gonna be fine and the anxiety attacks are slowing down


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