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Fasting for 4 hours before scary test but water is a tool to get through my dizziness. Help?

Going in to get my hopefully final tests done today. Really scared and anxious because the test itself will make me dizzy which is my biggest issue right now and what I've been trying to get over. Also I can't eat or drink anything including water until my appointment at 1:45. It is now 10:43 and I am feeling like I am dying of thirst when I probably really am not. Nervous I will get dizzy and need to drink water and then not be able to do my test. I am underweight so I constantly eat usually but for these 4 hours I can't and because I'm thinking about it it is making it worse. Any tips on how to get through this?

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Hi CDANILllE98 . You will be ok. I will pray for you. What test are you taking ? Do you suffer from vertigo ?


I had a vestibular issue two months ago and that is what caused my constant off balance feeling in the first place and what caused my anxiety to go through the roof. Now I am still dizzy and my PT said my ears are fine but I want to do these tests to make sure it is just dizziness/off balance from my anxiety and not something to do with my ears. I am getting the test done which they blow hot and cold air in your ears and it makes you dizzy and they watch your eye movements. I am just very nervous as I am already constantly off balance almost all the Time so I am not comfortable as it is.


Hi' Iknow how you feel, I am same as you..but the more you think about food or water the more you will get thirsty or hungry.. Relax...I know its hard ..hang on there, keep yourself busy time will fly you wont even notice.. I'll pray for you. Keep us updated.


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