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been awhile

its been awhile since i have posted. everything is going decent for now. i still am having issues. i will be going next week to get my iud removed. after several tests, labs, etc it has been ruled down to this. which i would have never suspected since it is "hormone free". the issue is the copper. i know in the uk they have the same thing but it is nickel not copper. if i knew then what i do now i would never have gotten it and it is in the process of being recalled here. praying this straightens everything out some. you all are such great support and wonderful people.

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teemarie, that is a surprise. I am so glad they found the cause. You always knew something wasn't right. I'm glad you pursued it. I hope this solves a lot of the issues for you. xx

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So you had Anxiety symptoms but it was not Anxiety?


no it was but its caused from the copper


Hi! xx


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