Anything can trigger anxiety,panic attacks

Anything can give people anxiety like chronic musel spasms like i have in my neck and upper back my ex husband abused me so bad im all messed up my skull is all jacked up i have dents on the top of my head from a pipe that was used so now i have musel spasms but yeah anything can give you anxiety... like a gum infections,spasms, stress over thinking,worrying about everything,losing a loved one,bad relationships,insecurity,anything it freakin sux big time... i was abused,raped by my husband 10 years ago for 12 years befor i left him, my two oldest boys are on hard drugs,one of them is in jail for dangerous drugs,i lost a boy friend in October last year drug over dose now im in a wonderful relationship now i just wish these dang panic attacks go a way for ever thank god my dude understands what i went through in my past,what im going through now i am very lucky to have such a wonderful man.. he also has anxiety,bipolar disorder thats why he is very understanding... he is helping me cope with my anxiety,panic attacks gives me very good advice how to deal with it,ride through it and not to let it take over he help me control it...

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