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Help I think I'm going crazy

Hi this morning I just felt like im going crazy

I have this weird feeling in my head that's scaring me ....I've been trying hard not to think about it but it's really hard some one please help!!! I'm just laying in bed crying and I havery ignored everyone in my house please help me !!!! I don't want to end up in asylum or go completely nuts I want to be happy again ....I begin to think everything around me isn't real and I'm also think of dying!!!! please some one help me out :'(((((

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Hi I have these feelings in the morning and you think that you going crazy, hang on trying find something to take your mind of it. Breathing exercise it takes your mind because you concentrate on the breathing. another is hypnosis on anxiety and panic attacks by thomas hall on youtube. just find a comfortable spot and play is cd. I know you feel like you are the only one. but there are hundreds people you see every day suffer but there hide it. go and see your doctor and tell him how you are or write down on paper on a daily basis and take that with you. hope you feel your happy self again. I hope i have been some help. soon take care


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