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I need help!

I'm 17 years old and about a month ago i've been going through a lot at home but i keep my emotions in, is keeping everything in a cause of anxiety? I've been having severe anxiety attacks for about 2 or 3 weeks but it happened all of a sudden. I had shortness of breath and chest pain and my heart rate would go up and down a lot so i went in to the ER and they took an EKG and an X-ray to see what might be causing that pain, and it turned out to be something with my muscles.... and i want to know if and X-ray and EKG is enough to say that i'm not having a heart attack? Because i know anxiety symptoms are very similar to those of a heart attack so yeah can anyone answer that question? i also have chest pains once in a while... to be specific it goes away for 2 days and it comes back but it's not severe is this normal?

One more thing do any of you get attacks but without physical symptoms? because i get really scared but symptoms don't appear it's just that desperate feeling of not knowing what to do, i start fidgeting and can't stay still :(

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If you were having a heart attack the doctor would of been able to tell.its hard to make yourself believe them when you have all the symptoms but believe me its just anxiety playing tricks on you.ive been having a very rough couple of weeks.actually having a panic attack right now bc i cant hardly breathe but we just gotta keep telling ourselves were okay and start believing the doctors.

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