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Im only two weeks into this and i do feel a change but not a huge one. The change i feel is that i am not the only one with s**t to deal with. You lot are inspiring because no matter who it is you always type back and reply which is a warm feeling. I dont really know how many times im going to post stuff about my issues so thank you to those who have replyed and helped me

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Hi labib, that's nice of you to thank those who have responded to your posts. It's not expected but certainly nice to hear especially since everyone has anxiety issues. Not feeling alone in something that overtakes your life is encouraging. I do hope you will come back as many times as it takes to get the answers and understanding you need. Wishing you a good evening.

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Yeah anxiety is really scary and sometimes other people don't get it but I'm also glad that we can all help each other. We have to know this can be controlled by us we have to not allow that scary feeling to take over.

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Hi Labib, I hope you ok. That's the good thing about this forum you can post a million times and people will always be able to identify with you never judge and will support you.

I tend to become really anxious, get in a state, speak to my dear friend about how I feel and that I think I'm dying, she reassures me and calms me down and is fantastic at helping me, then half an hour later I'm back to feeling anxious again and believing I'm dying.

At the time what she says brings me back to reality and I calm down and know she's right what she says, but once the anxiety and panic attacks start I cannot seem to bring myself back to reality. What I'm trying to say is I think it's perfectly normal to keep needing to post our issues, so please don't ever feel awkward about it. I think it works both ways as it helps the other person who is giving out support also.

You're doing really well already which is fantastic. I think you are very courageous and strong to have sort out what you need.

Sending hugs

Jen 🌞


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