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(EXTREME Health Anxiety)please help?

I am just asking for help please? Has any of y'all ever overcame extreme health anxiety?It is so horrible. It keeps me up at night, it keeps me depressed also. I fear all kinds of things from brain aaneurysms, brain tumors, and heart problems... it's because I also gets symptoms pains in my head, dropping sensations in chest where I can't breath.... it's so bad y'all. I've even stoked talking to my friends. I just want to get my life back on track and quit thinking about this, get rid of my fears. I want to feel good again. Please help?

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There are so many of us with HA on here , in fact one member has just done a post yesterday wondering if to go on meds because they have suffered so long with HA and tried different things till that is now feeling like an option

Have you or are you getting any help with your HA ?

I hope so and if not please consider talking with your GP

The more we feed this anxiety the more symptoms we seem to get because anxiety feeds of the fear but tell yourself if you really had all these things your anxiety wants you to believe you have would you still be here ? the answer is no so even you know it is health anxiety and not reality but the hard bit is changing the way we think which at this stage we have got into this negative pattern of thinking which can be reversed with a lot of support , so I hope you will ask your Doctor what they can offer maybe therapy wise to help you with this

Keep talking with everyone on here as it helps knowing you are not alone :-)

Take Care x


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