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Fear of anerysums and tumors

I found out a couple days ago that a friend of mine died of a brain aneurysm, the a couple days later I start feeling pain in the back of my head, like sharp burning pains that only last a few seconds but come on through out the day. It scares me. Nobody has ever had a anerysum in my family, I don't have high blood pressure, I do smoke occasionally, I've only hit my head once when I was little and it bled a little... I just can't get over this fear. And the sharp pains I get don't help it's make me think I will pass out but I don't... also the only person in my family that had a brain tumor was my cousin and she was born with it.

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Hi cupcake_happiness, I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. Because of the tragic event, you are now experiencing phantom pains that you feel are associated with a brain aneurysm. Your fear is escalating, your negative thoughts are all encompassing, your fear of passing out is unrealistic. You are not your friend. What happened to them was just that, it happened to them and is not something contagious or meaning that it will happen to you. This is not uncommon to feel these fears when someone close to us dies unexpectedly. These thoughts were foremost in my mind when I lost a dear friend to ALS as well as my father from Hydrocephalus who died tragically in a fall. For a long time I concentrated on my symptoms making them those of my friend and father. Until one day, I realized and accepted the fact that I was not them. Things will happen in life but that doesn't mean it will happen to me. Eventually, I got over the fear and just kept their memory alive with the positive thoughts about their life. I wish you well and wish you peace of heart and mind. x


Had a very similar post that got zero replies I'm with you on this buddy ! I fear EVERYTHING my mind is my BIGGEST enemy! I have recently learned that our thoughts create matter(reality) our actions do too! I have learned this by pausing my life (looking in thiRd person) I have realized I have thought very negatively when heading to my second job since it's constantly stressful I have engraved everyday will be a bad day just by a thought that start as I take my drive to the job. Now I learned today as I was thinking positive going to my first job yes it was very early but it was very peaceful even though it was busy it was great I then left to goto my second job and I sighed because I was already getting worked up as to having to go to work again and it being busier this created a negative day (I had a drunk girl come in and start issues by drinking publicly and denying it and I kicked her out my store and she flipped a shit on me lol no joke got mad cause I told her to leave cause she couldn't drink any way not only did this happen but I continued to be in a negative mood because of this first event that I had 3 other negative events occur (had to do a full inventory... not so bad.. BUT here's where negativity plays a roll (my scanning device decided not to work for me) so guess what.. I had to use a pen paper.. what should have been a 10 am to 10 pm became a 10 am to 12 am shift I then thought what else... big mistake NEVER say that.. EVER because I had hoped to be able to de stress once I arrived home but nope my girlfriend and I ended up having a fight (over the phone) and she decided to call it quits (yet again) (5 years strong) (calls it quits every other week) so please I strongly suggest you think positive and act positive the last event that happen ed at work was one of my Co workers is just useless.. only there to disturb myself and my closer gets nothing done but yaps in your ear all day.. lovely right... :) POSITIVE VIBES buddy ! Stay strong! I have severe anxiety and can't really leave my town so I KNOW THE FEELING


Pretty easy to quit worrying about it, get appt with doc and ask for CT SCAN OR MRI OR X-Ray, whatever will show what is causing pain. Don't waste one day fretting about what it could be, get doc appt and see if indeed there is cause to be concerned . Life is to short wasted on " what if". 😘


I have had the same sort of reaction many times in my life. But the worst thing was twenty years ago when a friend of mine had a stroke in her thirties and I became so obsessed I couldn't stop thinking about it happening to me. I got very severe anxiety and panic attacks, I realised that my friend's stroke (which she survived) was the catalyst for my own fears, probably regarding my own mortality. When we're severely anxious everything is heightened and we catastrophise. I hope you will be able to get some reassurance and support.

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