Hi I am having a very though time, I got engaged to my partner of 7 years and started planning the wedding a few months in to preparations got severe anxiety till the point I was bed bound for a whole month, I've been of work for a few months and completely shut myself from the world and become so paranoid. I keep calling the weddibg on and if everh day according to my mood everyone around ME is becoming fed up and I am pushing my partner away, my behaviour is not normal sometime I see random people outside and think I should marry them instead this is not normal, please help, I can not cope anymore.


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  • Sounds like you have pre wedding nerves. If this is a big wedding you are planning then everyone has nerves. However you do need help. Please go to your GP and explain how you are feeling, you need something to calm you down. Try relaxation and deep breathing excercises. I have seen friends and family with 3 weddings over the last year, 2 were my son's they all got very stressed. Obviously it is up to the individual but my sons now say they wish they had had a small wedding and less agrivation. Although it is a time to be happy planning a wedding is also very stressful. Your partner will not understand you being like this at such a time so get help now and start to feel yourself again😊

    Hope you are soon yourself again, go to the GP today if possible and start the road to recovery. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi I just recently got married I had a small family wedding and invited friends to the afters. When I got stressed I did take herbal remedies deep breathing exercises rang my sister talked it out. Plenty of times o wanted to cancel I was sick toy stomach nauseous dizzy and shaky meeting florists and photographers etc... thoughy I was dying a few times throughout and on the day I had a fantastic day I loved every minute of it and was so glad I went through with it. I hope u talk it our with someone you trust it does help or even talk to your doctor.

  • Would you kindly tell me which herbal remedies you took? Thanks.

  • I took kalms tablets I took rescue remedy drops. I added vitamin b complex to my smoothies as I can't swallow tablets as I panic thinking about it. All with looking at you tube breathing exercises and stories of people who just lived through it I think helped me I'm not alone.

  • I have seen my doctor who put me on sertaline which I took for a month, he then changed them to some differint tablets. I feel they are making me go crazy.

  • Sambee, trust your better judgment on this, it could very well be the different tablets you are on. Please contact your doctor, this sounds like more than wedding jitters. x

  • See a therapist or talk with your doctor.

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