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Anxiety advice & support . Health anxiety :/


I bumped my forehead on the rim of my TV tray getting up , to go downstairs to my bathroom . I was on the phone with my mom & was crying over some fight i had with my bf & wanted advice. Anyways so i bump my forehead, sat down , cried more. My bf & i worked things out :) but afterwards i did get a headache all day off & on. When i bumped my forehead i had zero issues other than localized pain , later i got a headache & irritated at myself for being clumsy smh i only found myself getting queasy because my mind was running wild with what went on. My health anxiety has been crazy. I did see a dr & my neurological exam was great she said. But why can't i accept that i am ok. I bumped into the tray around 11-12p & saw the dr around like 1a. But yeah i have such health anxiety..i have been googling stories on bumps on the forehead even though i dnt have one & other injuries. Idk what to do. I am taking my dr advice to rest , & i put an ice pack on there before my exam. I don't know if i should go on my trip next week. I really want to enjoy myself, other than this dull headache at the area i bumped it at , i feel good. Like on a pain scale's a 3 . Any one with anxiety that has also been thru something similar, ? Any advice? 😕

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things that go bump in the night spooky ah just little bump dont worry about it i hit my to on side chair should seen me was like doing a river dance up down with pain ha ha :-)


Yeah the thing is i don't even have a bump at all & i was being a worry wart. Lol river dancing huh? Glad you're ok tho lol 😊😊


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