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Is this anxiety related?

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this post fits this site but I guess it could fall under anxiety. Now, I'm not fishing for compliments or anything like that, but I just want honest feedback. My question is, why do lots of people tell me I'm "pretty/beautiful/stunning" but I think I'm so ugly I can barely look in a mirror without feeling disgusted? My family tells me I'm pretty but obviously I don't believe them because well... they're family. When I go to stores, the sales people tell me I'm beautiful but I just think it's because they want me to buy something. Random strangers come up to me in public to tell me I'm pretty but I don't believe them either. I suffer from anxiety, I'm deathly shy, and I don't have many friends at all. I always wonder, if I was really beautiful, why don't I have friends and why don't guys ever (and I mean ever) approach me? I hate the way I look. Some days I won't leave the house because I'm literally embarrased by my appearance. The worst part is, this is with makeup. I've been told I should start a youtube channel or pursue makeup because according to others, I'm good at it. I wonder, if I feel embarrased going into public with makeup (which I can't leave the house without on), how would I feel one day not wearing makeup around people (ex. sleepovers, swimming, etc)? I know I'll probably get responses saying, "it's not about outer beauty, it's about inner beauty, blah blah" but people always tell me I'm nice, (even angelic?). If I'm supposedly pretty and nice, why am I a loner? I'm really not trying to be vain, I just truly believe I'm ugly and can not understand what other people see when they look at me. This really bothers me as it always makes me feel depressed.

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I think you should go & talk to your Doctor

Anxiety does give us low self esteem however you remind me of someone suffering with say anorexia where others see how thin they are they can only see a fat person looking back with you others see a pretty young lady but you see someone ugly and I think some therapy will really help you :-)

Take Care x

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I had to look to make sure it wasn't myself that posted this. I felt the same way as a child, teen and even now as an adult. It is an awful feeling. I don't feel the same way as much now but it was a major problem growing up. I watched a show once where a woman said she had the same issue. She explained that the only thing that helped her was doing this ritual daily for a couple weeks:

every morning and night look at yourself fully naked in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Look at every inch of your body and think of positives about them. Over time it will change your mindset. It really works. It worked for me. Took me several weeks for it to start making a change in my thoughts bu it really does work.


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