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Doc said i have the flu? Feel like crap

Since monday, i started to feel unwell with neck pain, a sore throat, sore eyes and a headache. Yesterday it got worse with a fever of 38 and just a feeling on being unwell, i went to the doctors as i was scared about meningitis.

She examined me by taking my blood pressure, pulse, moving my head and taking my temperature and said its possibly just the flu.

Well today i feel even worse and i feel as though i will get complications or die from it. I cant stand up without feeling dizzy, i keep feeling sick and as though im going to pass out. Ive had several panick attacks aswell which just makes it worse!

Does this even sound like the flu? And can it actually kill you because i feel as though it will

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Hi Emilychazza98, yes it does sound like the flu (a virus). It was good that you saw your doctor and she moved your head around testing for meningitis. I think you feel worse because of your anxiety that it's giving you symptoms in addition to the flu. Do what you doctor said as well as hydrate and keep the temp from going up. That alone would make you feel dizzy and weak. Of course if your symptoms get worse (I don't mean the anxiety symptoms) then call your doctor back. Take care, get better soon.


I went back to the doctor today and hes given me penicillin. Viruses arent cured by anitbiotics though so im confused? He says i have a virus and a upper respiritary infection.. I do have a really bad throat though which he looked at.

I got a sick pay form and was told to not go to work until next wednesday so i can recover:( will antibiotics even get rid of this?


Emilychazza98, the antibiotics will help the upper respiratory infection. I think between the penicillin and resting for a week, it will help you overcome this. Make sure to hydrate during this time. Wishing you a speedy recovery. xx


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